Spring Quarter 2017:

JSIS 485A: Sacred Himalayas: People, Livelihoods, and Climate Change

Instructors: Pasang Yangjee Sherpa, PhD – Visiting Scholar.

Location/Time: MGH 074, Mon/Weds: 3:30pm – 5:20pm

JSIS 485_Sacred Himalayas flyer_1.25.2017

Winter Quarter 2016:

JSIS 485C/585A: Rethinking Shangri-La: Critical Engagements with Contemporary Issues in Nepal

Instructors: Maya Magarati, PhD, School of Social Work; David Citrin, PhD, MPH, Anthropology/Global Health; Biraj Karmacharya, PhD, MBBS, School of Public Health

Location/Time: THO 235, W: 1:30pm -4:30pm

Syllabus located here

JSIS 485_585_flyer_11.21.2015