Winter 2018

Landscape Architecture Nepal: International Design Activism | Nepal

International Design Activism | Nepal (IDA|N) is an immersive, interdisciplinary 1-2 quarter (1 semester+) study abroad program offered by the Department of Landscape Architecture’s Informal Urban Communities Initiative (IUCI) with the support of the UW Jackson School of International Studies, Nepal Studies Initiative (NSI). The program will challenge students to delve into contemporary debates surrounding urban development, and respond to them through community-based, participatory design, project implementation and assessment. Students in the IDA|N program will work with local students from Tribhuvan and Kathmandu Universities to explore the social and environmental drivers and impacts of rapid urbanization in Kathmandu Valley and undertake a planning/design intervention in collaboration with community members. The program will include four general areas of study – 1) Social, Cultural, Ecological and Urban Context 2) Participatory Planning, Design, Implementation and Assessment 3) Technology and Practice 4) Local Language – and will place particular emphasis on the analysis, planning, design and construction of urban infrastructure and public space in underserved communities.

Read more about the program here on the UW Study Abroad site!

Previous study abroad programs:

JSIS/LARC Nepal: Design and Development in Nepal

The Design and Development in Nepal exploration seminar was a unique, 28-day program offered jointly by the Nepal Studies Initiative and the Informal Urban Communities Initiative. The seminar challenged students to delve into the ideas and contemporary debates surrounding development, and respond to them through community-based participatory design. Students in the seminar explored historical and contemporary conditions as key drivers of change in the country and engaged in a small scale design intervention in an underserved urban neighborhood in the Kathmandu Valley.

Early Fall 2016: JSIS Nepal: Critical Development Studies in Nepal

This 3.5 week exploration seminar provided UW students an immersive opportunity to explore some of the ideas and contemporary debates surrounding development as a set of shifting practices and contested ideal that animates contemporary Nepali society; particularly in the wake of the 2015 earthquakes.

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