The South Asia Center deepens engagement of students and the greater community with South Asia by providing access to rigorous academic courses, musical and cultural gatherings, and programming on current affairs featuring distinguished speakers and guests. This is all made possible through the generosity of community support.

We ask you to help support the activities of the Center with a tax-deductible gift. A donation to the Friends of South Asia Fund helps us to bring visitors to campus and expand our programming to wider sections of our community. A gift to the South Asia Students Fund or another of our student fellowships allows us to support our students as they prepare  to join the next generation of scholars and professionals.

We’re excited to share highlights from 2016 with you:

Highline Schools Teachers pic

The South Asia Center hosted two teacher workshops on The Ramayana and Other Tales, helping 20 K-12 school teachers enrich their curriculums and bring a unique experience into the classroom.


The Seattle South Asian Film Festival came to life on campus with a symposium and film screenings. It featured screenings of documentaries and feature films, as well as discussions among film makers, professors and the public.


We continued to provide academiFLyer for Study Abroad Fairc excellence through new courses on environmental issues in Nepal, the history and philosophy of yoga, and the challenges facing South Asian cities. Students and faculty engaged with scholars and experts on South Asia from universities around the world.




The Center’s activities, programs, and classes are critical to engaging and educating the next generation about South Asia, its culture and its history. In our interconnected global environment, these experiences are vital, and your investment makes them possible for our students and community.

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